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The Jaspe Canary origins and characteristics

In 1996 Mr. Jose Antonio Abellan Banos from Murcia Spain obtained the 1st fertile F1 hybrid from a Hooded Siskin x Canary cross opening up new possibilities for color bred canaries and for mules and hybrids!

All photos of the Jaspe canary on my website are my own bred birds

My view and opinion

The Jaspe Canary mutation is considered a dominant mutation and does not matter if its in the male or female. It gives you a dilution of melanins (black and browns) and does not alter the lipochrome or phaeomelanin. It also has another characteristic as it gives yellow or white areas in the middle of the long flight feathers in the wings and tail showing a type of wing bar and outter tail edges. As stated before it is a dominant mutation and in addition can be had in simple dilution SD or double dilution DD. It is now bred in the 3 canary colors that are yellow ,white and red and in feather types of hard feather intensive , soft feather non intensive and mosaic/dimorphic. It also shows well with the brown, agate and isabel mutations giving it a lighter appearance and quite pleasant looking. While other mutations do not work well combining it with Phaeo ino,Opal or Graywing as when combined takes away from both types of mutations and not shown clearly or well and should be avoided.

I am fairly new to this mutation on my 4th year now and still figuring things out and striving for better every year!

Charles Loukeris

All photos of the Jaspe canary on my website are my own bred birds

          Jaspe colored Mules