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 All the pictures are Copyrighted¬© cannot be used without permission from C. Loukeris.

Bird Room 

All my birds are bred in box cages made by Terrenziani, Italian cage company or homemade flight cages. The birds, finches or canary feel a lot more secure in these types of cages and calm down quicker.

New Bird Room

Old Bird Room

The box cages made by Terrenziani, Italy and are gorgeous cages that need minimum work. They are factory painted a brilliant white paint. That is very strong and can come apart for easy cleaning. They are double breeders and have a solid and a wire partition, to separate the male finches during the breeding season as they tend to puncture eggs quite often due to their curious/busy nature. This partition also can be used to separate young canaries as when the parents go to nest again they are safe from getting their feathers plucked and can still be fed thru the wire partition.

Breeding Cages

Flight Cages

Female Flights

Mule Display Cages

The homemade flights are 5ft tall and 3ft wide and 2.5ft deep with a solid back, top, and floor. To make the birds feel more secure I

fasten fake/plastic evergreen branches in the top corners of them

and wedge a nest in them. I have had good success with this method on aggressive birds that their mates can get "away" from them hiding in the branches.  

   Outside Aviary Flights

My outdoor aviary is 9ft x 9ft x 9ft and is made from pressure treated lumber, 1/2 inch wire mesh, and black screening to keep mosquitoes out during the hot/humid summer months. I have bred numerous species of Carduelans successfully in it and have kept them in it year round with the help of some vinyl sheeting and a water de-icer for the water supply. Other than a slightly richer/fatty diet in the winter thats all that is given. I am currently dividing it into three 3ft flight cages with a safety walkway as I have lost a couple birds "flying" right past me while entering the structure. Having three seperate flights will also settle in the pairs much easier without bickering at the feeding stations and without any taunting/chasing during courtship and defending the nest sites.

I will update this as soon as the flights are completed.


Heres a few pics... still needs to finish hanging the doors,painting and then putting up the wire... this week! - Updated 3/23/09