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 All the pictures are Copyrighted¬© cannot be used without permission from C. Loukeris.

Grover aka AKC registered as Treble Coves Grover

Grover is a German Short-haired Pointer that is the white series with liver patches and spotting. He came to us from Pennsylvania at 4 months old and I have been extensively training him bringing his pointing instinct out daily and he has turned into a superb hunter,never breaking a point,following commands and retreiving Pheasants as good as any Lab could. Will be updating pictures constantly so come back to see more of my handsome puppy! I am also thinking of using him to STUD in the future so if anyone is interested feel free to contact me. As you can see he comes from very good bloodlines in his pedigree. Pictures taken below of after the hunt were taken Oct 19 2013 - Nov 11 2013

Our newest edition the the family...Miss Gracey. 8 weeks old and on full point. Shes learning alot with her older friend Grover...she will be ready for the 2017 Pheasant season in October! Not sure how much better we will do with 2 dogs...past 3 seasons have been unbeleivable with Grover!

Current pictures are of Grover and Gracey in the October-November 2017 Pheasant season. Yes She turned into a superb hunter as well! She has a complete AKC pedigree from great bloodlines. I didnt think it could get any better on the field but it has with dynamic duo and a Pheasants worst nightmare! Treble Coves Grover & Treble Coves Gracey! will be trying for pups in 2018 , if anyone is interested please email [email protected]

Puppies! born April 30 2018 , 4 boys and 4 girls! they were a handful but was a great experience... last pictures after puppies is the end of the 2018 Hunting season....Grover and Gracey.....and their 6 month old pup Sadie lets say cleaned up.... more and exciting new pictures to come for 2019 season with the trio.