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 All the pictures are Copyrighted¬© cannot be used without permission from C. Loukeris.

Shipping available!

Birds and products available

used metal canary nests: $3 each ,  20 available

used plastic water tubes/drinkers : .75 cents each , 20 available

 I can ship thru usps

CD's available!

crystal clear songs to train your birds or just for your own listening enjoyment!

European Goldfinch Mule : $10 + shipping

Hooded Siskin Mule Metalico "Pintagol" : $10 + shipping

Lesser Seed Finch "Curio" : $10 + shipping

Plumbeous Seedeater "Patativa" : $10 + shipping

American Singer Canary : $10 + shipping

Belgian Chopper Canary "Belga" : $10 + shipping

Russian Canary : $10 + shipping

European Nightingale : $10 + shipping