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6:43 AM on December 7, 2019 
Mark Bishop says...
Hola Charlie, nos hemos cruzado muchas veces a lo largo de los años en Internet (BBIA). Es bueno ver su sitio, muy bien diseñado, un crédito para usted.
Espero que usted y los suyos estén bien, saludos, Mark.
Reply Mark Bishop
9:21 AM on November 14, 2019 
Hi Charlie, we've crossed paths many times over the years on the internet (BBIA). Good to see your site, very well laid out, a credit to you.
Hope you and yours are well mate, regards,Mark.
Reply Phoebe
9:07 PM on September 10, 2019 
We were going to get a canary from a pet store, it's just our my pure lucky to have found Charlie!! We picked it up a 5-month old green canary on a Wed and Charlie said it will sing in 2 days. The bird didn't even chirp, only made a quack sound...then it chirped on Thursday. I thought it WILL NOT sing tomorrow, come on! BUT IT DID!! It started to sing on Friday morning! How amazing! Now, it sings beautifully everyday. Charlie is extremely knowlegeable with what he does even though he is a hobby breeder but for over 30 years! He even guaranteed the bird would sing or he would give me the father of the bird, he said. This breeder is well trusted and I will definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a canary!! Thanks again Charlie!!
Reply RandyPex
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Reply MFinneramity
2:36 AM on May 3, 2019 
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Reply Peter O'Hare
8:24 AM on October 23, 2018 
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Reply Luis Ribeiro
6:46 PM on September 2, 2017 
Hello Charlie I visited you about 20 years ago when I lived in Ludlow MA, now I live in the State of Bahia Brazil. It was a most wonderfull experience to see your bird room,you are a very special person to me and a prefecinonal at what you do, congratulations.
Reply Robert Hamilton
10:43 AM on February 16, 2017 
my 16 year old gold finch mule died 2 months ago i canot stand to see the cage empty iam looking for a young golfinch mule goldfinch only song i live in norfolk uk
Reply Laurindo guevara
3:43 PM on September 11, 2016 
Hi,I would li,em

I would like to buy a pair of red siskin, please let me know if you have for sale. My .number is 7862514101. Thank you.
Reply Alfred
4:17 AM on June 8, 2016 
Very nice Homepage and very nice Birds.
IIts nice when I can find my Link on your Homepage.

LG Alfrede